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Craig Shogren

Digital Landfill Blog

  • For decades, VR has been a dream for video gamers. Despite infamous disappointments like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, the goal of creating fully-realized VR experiences for immersive gameplay has remained. After countless iterations of vaporware, VR is finally becoming a reality. VR is far from perfect, but hardware like PSVR
  • A great project development team can only be great with the right tools. Through the numerous project management methodologies and top-down inferences, there is one constant; management tools. Even the best managers can’t work efficiently without them. They range from the micro to the macro and cover all of the aspects of a project’s lifecycle....
  • Why choose certification? For me, it's about proof (to myself and to employers) of my expertise. The Certified Information Professional (CIP) started with a group of industry experts and focus groups that worked together to define the body of knowledge necessary for information professionals to be successful in the digital...

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    Thanks for everyone who joined us in today's member VIP Lounge--it was a fun discussion with @Robert ...

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    Excelente. Obrigado por compartilhar. ------------------------------ Jose Guilherme Dias de Souza Director ...

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    Thank you all.  It seems after looking into this we are going in a different direction.  Luckily I have ...

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    I would deal with a PRISM International member.  PRISM International is a division of the non-profit ...


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