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Craig Shogren

Digital Landfill Blog

  • Test...Quiz...Exam...How do these words make you feel? For many, the mere mention of them is enough to conjure up feelings of anxiety, stress and pressure. You don't often hear people say, "I LOVE taking tests." At AIIM, we know tests can be downright scary. But, we also know the power of preparation and understanding. A lot of times fear comes from the unknown - in the case of a test, not knowing...
  • For decades, VR has been a dream for video gamers. Despite infamous disappointments like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, the goal of creating fully-realized VR experiences for immersive gameplay has remained. After countless iterations of vaporware, VR is finally becoming a reality. VR is far from perfect, but hardware like PSVR
  • A great project development team can only be great with the right tools. Through the numerous project management methodologies and top-down inferences, there is one constant; management tools. Even the best managers can’t work efficiently without them. They range from the micro to the macro and cover all of the aspects of a project’s lifecycle....

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    Hi everyone, Happy Friday! I'm the sole Knowledge Manager for a small, globally distributed digital ...

  • No worries.  When I get a chance to breath, I would be happy to give a presentation to the entire William ...

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    ​Hello everyone!  I have worked in the Records and Information Management field since 2001 and achieved ...

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    If the link above doesn't work -- folks can get the attachment to this reply. ------------------------------ ...

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  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Thanks for everyone who joined us in today's member VIP Lounge--it was a fun discussion with @Robert ...

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    Thanks @Michelle Cusick ! I'm from Michigan too and not a fan of cars, in fact, I never got a driver's ...


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    The AIIM Women in Information Management (WIIM) community is defined by the following purpose, vision, and mission:

    • Purpose:  To inspire, connect, and advance women in information management.
    • Vision:  A robust, diverse, and inclusive information management field where all members have equal opportunity to thrive, contribute, and succeed.
    • Mission:To engage and empower women in information management through advocacy, leadership, mentoring, and professional development.

    We formed WIIM with a purpose and a vision for the future.  Our mission is our plan on how to realize the vision.

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