Special Interest Group: Women in Information Management (WIIM)

Looking for Senior IM END USER Executives

  • 1.  Looking for Senior IM END USER Executives

    Posted 05-16-2018 09:21
    AIIM's next Leadership Council summit is coming up in Baltimore, June 26-27th. We're currently looking for representation from the WIIM community to engage in these Future of Information Management discussions.

    In this summit, we're particularly interested in examining:
    • What are your guiding principles for delivering a compelling user experience? What value are you offering; what problem are you solving for your intended users?
    • What are the possible complements for your offerings? How can you best use them to increase total demand?
    • Does it make more sense for you to try to build your own platform, or to participate in someone else's?
    • If you're building a platform, what's your strategy for curating contributions? How will you encourage broad participation while ensuring high enough quality?
    • If a successful platform already exists in your space, what will you do not to mimic it, but instead to substantially differentiate yourself from it? If more than one platform already exists, why should anyone pay attention to yours?
    As a think tank for the association, we'd like to include more women voices and insight. At this time we are only accepting women END USERS in senior positions who are interested in engaging in these discussions.

    As a guest, there would be no charge to attend the summit, but you would need to cover your own travel and stay. To review past leadership discussions, please check out the 2017's Trendscapes that came out of the summits.
    Those interested can email me privately at jlombardo@... or respond to this thread and I can follow up directly. Postitions are limited, please respond by Monday, May 21st to be considered. 

    Who wants to step up?!

    Jessica Lombardo
    Director of Membership