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Follow up for WIIM Leadership Call - March 2018

  • 1.  Follow up for WIIM Leadership Call - March 2018

    Posted 03-09-2018 15:16
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    Thanks to everyone who made today's call.

    I'm including a recording of the meeting for those who could not attend and are interested. Best to start at Minute 17:00 if you don't want to listen to the introductions.

    In this call, we try to define the Pillars of our WIIM community which will then guide our initiatives/actions and quickly highlight our in person meet up opportunities at AIIM18 in San Antonio this April.

    I'm also opening up our Vision document to collect comments on what was shared during the meeting. Let's focus on deciding if we have our Pillars right. I've edited some--feel free to comment in document your thoughts.

    1. Provide Professional Development Opportunities
    2. Provide Technical Development Opportunities
    3. Examine and Educate on How Women Communication and Lead Most Effectively
    4. Develop a Network of Mentors Aimed at Creating Healthy Workplaces for Women in Information Management


    Please help solidify our main points of focus!

    Jessica Lombardo
    Director of Membership

  • 2.  RE: Follow up for WIIM Leadership Call - March 2018

    Posted 03-12-2018 12:58
    ​Fellow WIIM Members,

    While I was unable to attend the call Friday I listed to the discussion that took place.  It sounds like the next step is feedback.  I thought the discussion and identification of pillars was great.  I think all of the pillars identified are important, but my suggestion would be to make them more concise.  My suggestion would be to make our pillars: Education, Leadership, and Mentoring.We could then include more specific initiatives (i.e. Provide Professional Development Opportunities and Provide Technical Development Opportunities, etc) under one of the pillars.  It might be more effective from a future communication/marketing perspective, and allows us to continue to expand and add specific initiatives under the three more general pillars as we identify them.

    Just my thoughts!  Look forward to continue working with the group and seeing many of you at the conference in a few weeks!

    Carah Koch
    Director, Enterprise Content Management
    Metropolitan Council

  • 3.  RE: Follow up for WIIM Leadership Call - March 2018

    Posted 03-13-2018 09:55

    Hello, WIIM,


    I, too, was unable to attend the call last week, but I am encouraged by this initiative look forward to becoming more engaged with the group.  Thanks to everyone for starting this effort and the good progress thus far!

    I agree with Carah's suggestion for concise pillars, and suggest we consider a Mission as well as a Vision statement, with Pillars, and then initiatives that change /evolve every few years.  Below are some ideas.

    Mission: To inspire and empower women in information management to realize their potential and advance their careers.

    Vision: To be the premier education, networking, and support resource for women in information management.

    Pillars: Education, Leadership, Mentoring, Motivation

    To that end, our initiatives for the coming year are to: 1)Provide Professional and Technical Development opportunities, 2) Examine and educate how women can lead most effectively, 3) etc.


    I look forward to meeting you at the conference,



    Stephanie Hughes, PMP
    Corporate ECM Applications Manager
    Konica Minolta Business Solutions

  • 4.  RE: Follow up for WIIM Leadership Call - March 2018

    Posted 03-16-2018 12:07
    ​Great Mission, Vision statements Stephanie!

    Julie Harvey, CIP
    Ricoh USA - Legal Services

  • 5.  RE: Follow up for WIIM Leadership Call - March 2018

    Posted 03-19-2018 10:20
    ​I agree with both Carah and Stephanie -

    I think Stephanie's proposal sets out a clear, concise message.

    Susan Gleason CIP, CRM, IGP
    Manager, Information Governance

  • 6.  RE: Follow up for WIIM Leadership Call - March 2018

    Posted 03-13-2018 12:34
    ​I like what Carah is suggesting and agree with the proposed pillars being Education, Leadership and Mentoring.

    Amber Smale, MBA, CCP
    Manager, Records & Information Management

  • 7.  RE: Follow up for WIIM Leadership Call - March 2018

    Posted 03-14-2018 12:01
    ​I agree.  Shortened pillars with subcategories would make for a much cleaner, concise message.  Also, we have a Utilities user group that I am a part of that meets virtually once a quarter and a member gives a presentation on a success that they have had.  Sometimes a vendor gives a demo of software that the group is interested in.  Is that something we could pull together for WIIM?

    Jill Stelter
    ECM Manager
    Snohomish County PUD

  • 8.  RE: Follow up for WIIM Leadership Call - March 2018

    Posted 03-15-2018 06:14


    I also agree that the three broad pillars with subcategories are a great foundation.


    Rosemary T. Valente, CIP   CIP Logo sm Logo for ERMs

    Records Associate

    Records Center Operations (RCO)






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  • 9.  RE: Follow up for WIIM Leadership Call - March 2018

    Posted 03-19-2018 14:02
    I agree with Carah on what pillars should be established.

    Patricia Cabrera
    Enterprise Records Officer
    City of Las Vegas