Special Interest Group: Women in Information Management (WIIM)

1.  Welcome to our WIIM Group - Please Introduce Yourself!

Posted 08-22-2017 11:57
Edited by Georgina Clelland 08-22-2017 12:49

Hi fellow WIIMers! I'm Georgina Clelland, AIIM's VP for Events, Membership and Professional Development. I've been with AIIM now for over 14 years, proud to have represented AIIM in both the UK and the US. My passion is providing points for connections between people - initially through in person events, but now also online. I'd love to hear from you about any ideas you have around events, membership or training - what should we do more of, differently, or even where has AIIM helped you connect with people that made a difference to your career?

I look forward to developing this group for Women, by Women. I'd love ideas for topics you'd like help with from this group.

Welcome all.

Georgina Clelland
VP-Events, Membership and Professional Development

2.  RE: Welcome to our WIIM Group - Please Introduce Yourself!

Posted 9 days ago
As we continue to expand the WIIM network, wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and share a little more about what I hope to gain from the Women In Information Management community.

I'm Jess, I've been at AIIM for over 10 years now. Started as the chapter manager, and now direct our membership and community programs. The best part of my job has always been connecting folks--and as a woman executive, definitely looking forward to seeing where we take this community. Like others here at AIIM, I'm hoping through our shared vision and community platform--we can find future women leaders for AIIM--be it speaking at conference, leading webinars, receiving awards, and running for AIIM's Board of Directors.

As for personal life, I have two teens (and actually really love this age group), three cats, and a group of close friends who I consider family. I love live music, kickboxing, and free time:)

Looking forward to meeting others!

Jessica Lombardo
Director of Membership

3.  RE: Welcome to our WIIM Group - Please Introduce Yourself!

Posted 8 days ago

Hello everyone,


My name is Michelle Nowlan, I have been in the IM profession for the Department of National Defence for 14 years.  My career in IM started as a configuration manager for ADM(Materiel) for an aircraft upgrade project, and then as an lead information administrator for a division of 800 people.  I moved from (MAT) to the ADM(Information Management) group and managed their disposition and retention system.  There I became quite well versed in the policies and laws that surround the information in the government and its military. From there I joined the RecordKeeping Initiative, where in 5 years we managed to instill IM knowledge into the defence community and an understanding of what their responsibilities are towards information management.


Last year, I was nominated for the Government of Canada's CIO award, and then awarded an Assistant Deputy Minister award for the development of DND's Electronic Imaging Management Programme.  This programme allows the department to create electronic versions of information holdings, and then destroy the source original.  The way the programme was developed provides the department mechanisms that can be used in a court of law to prove that all the processes, ISOs, standards and acts were followed.


I now am the manager of the disposition system, the imaging system, our information architecture, and business relationships.  I love the world of information, its power, the transformation from physical to digital, and working in the defence community has been the most rewarding time in my career.


I am married 29 years, we have two grown sons, a Maine Coon cat named Frodo, we are vintage trailer owners, I'm a Newfoundlander, and I love being in nature, with a glass of red wine of course.


Michelle Nowlan

Supervisor Business Relation Management / Enterprise Information Architecture

EAP Referral Agent

National Defence / Government of Canada

michelle.nowlan@...  613-901-6543


Superviseur Gestion des relations d'affaires / Enterprise Architecture de l'information

PAE agent d'orientation

Défense nationale / Gouvernement du Canada

michelle.nowlan@...  613-901-6543


4.  RE: Welcome to our WIIM Group - Please Introduce Yourself!

Posted 2 days ago
​Hello All,

Just over three years ago I was asked to develop and Enterprise Information and Records Management Program for the organization where I work.  Loved it, and now I am hooked.

I have a wealth of experience in program and service line development but this was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences to date.  I am looking forward to connecting with those of you in this industry to share experiences and knowledge.

Sandra Bates
Manager, Information and Records Management
eHealth Saskatchewan

5.  RE: Welcome to our WIIM Group - Please Introduce Yourself!

Posted 2 days ago
​Hi ladies,
  My name is Amy and I have been doing every acronym associated with IG for 20 years now.  I started in the telecom industry and have worked in oil and gas, pharma, medical, technology, federal and local government, utility, start ups, and participate in a few R&D technology driven think tanks. I enjoy evangelizing and taking IG to the masses and empowering organizations to do the proactive "right thing."  With that said, being a woman and coming more from the RIM side of the house in the beginning, I often find it hard to be taken seriously and get equal elbow room at the planning table with my IT counterparts.
Warning - Girl Gripe Ahead:   I often find that when some men enter organizations in the EA or IG capacity their bravado and self promotion get them recognized where we as women are constantly having to rely on our work product to demonstrate our value and worth to the technology/ innovation side of the house.  It is a good think we do great work :-)

In my spare time, I am a mom to four amazing kiddos ages 2 to 20, 2 dogs, 2 parakeets, and 3 chickens.  My husband and I are very much into environmental, educational, and equal parenting causes and do what we can to advocate and support such groups at the local and state levels.

I look forward to hearing what you amazing ladies are doing in our field and building a positive supportive village in the process.

Amy Harrelson
Austin Energy