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Professional Networks You'd Recommend for Women

  • 1.  Professional Networks You'd Recommend for Women

    Posted 01-23-2018 11:34
    Hi Everyone!

    As we prepare for next month's Women in Information Management webinar on "Your Network is Your Power" -- I was wondering if anyone had recommendations of professional networks they participate in that help leverage women?

    Jessica Lombardo
    Director of Membership

  • 2.  RE: Professional Networks You'd Recommend for Women

    Posted 01-24-2018 10:44
    ​​For Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife I am the agency representative at ICSEW, the Interagency Committee for State Employed Women (Home). Their mission is to "better serve the lives of state employed women" and have sub-committees that discuss mentorship opportunities, collect fantastic speakers for our professional development conference in the Fall and are very involved in any legislative work that affects women and families in Washington State. We also participate in outreach opportunities for our community (like the toiletries drive) and our state workers (the health and wellness fair).

    They have definitely been a fabulous resource for me as a fairly new state employee and the professional development opportunities they provide are really beneficial. Even if you're not a representative for your agency there is a lot of benefit you can glean from this network and they regularly welcome visitors. There's even a Executive Order that says the state should allow people to participate during work time! (You can check that out on this page: ​https://icsew.wa.gov/about/policy/ .

    I'm sure I'm missing a few things, but I bet there's groups like this all over the place!

    Carissa Bourdon
    Wa Dept of Fish and Wildlife

  • 3.  RE: Professional Networks You'd Recommend for Women

    Posted 01-31-2018 14:38

    For more than 12-ish years, I've been part of DC Web Women - http://dcwebwomen.org/
    mostly getting my learning and interaction from the Tech List (name hold-over from Listservs). I also get the DCWW Social List that is an awesome potpourri info and sharing on non-tech topics.

    From their site: DCWW is committed to the support and advocacy of women and girls in technology by providing a community in which they can develop, nurture, and promote their leadership, technical and professional skills.

    The Tech List is really the heart and soul of DCWW. It's a technical-discussion list geared toward helping women in the Washington, D.C. metro area stay involved in and current with new media and the business that supports technology.

    Theresa Resek, CIP
    Director, Webinars & Virtual Events