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  • 1.  NARA request feedback

    Posted 01-29-2018 11:52
    Courtney Anderson, an electronic records policy analyst from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), has asked for broad dissimination of the following information and request for feedback.  The below was originally addressed to the NARA Requirements Working Group:

    "The last time I emailed you about the Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI), we were preparing for a joint Industry Day with GSA on November 2. As you may have heard by now, it was very successful. We had almost 150 attendees, with 42 companies and 63 agencies represented. Since the Industry Day, 20 vendors have been added to the new Special Item Number for Electronic Records Management (ERM) under GSA Schedule 36 (SIN 51-600).  GSA eLibrary Contractor Listing

    Our next step is to provide agencies with more tools they can use to acquire ERM solutions and services. We recently posted two draft documents to Records Express (Opportunity to Comment: Draft ERM Federal Integrated Business Framework and Use Cases for Electronic Messages) and are asking for public comments. The documents are the Electronic Records Management Federal Integrated Business Framework (ERM-FIBF) and the Use Cases for Electronic Messages. These documents serve as a starting point for agencies when seeking to procure services or solutions to manage electronic messages. They can be used by agencies to demonstrate how vendors perform the described requirements and workflows.

    We welcome participation in the development of the ERM-FIBF and the Use Cases for Electronic Messages. We would like to hear feedback from a variety of stakeholders so please share widely.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about the ERM-FIBF or the Use Cases. I'd be happy to set up a meeting to go over them with you.

    Thank you for your continued support of FERMI!




    Courtney H. Anderson

    Electronic Records Policy Analyst

    Office of the Chief Records Officer

    National Archives and Records Administration

    (301) 837-1631 (office)

    (202) 875-4632 (cell)"

    Mark Patrick, CDR USN (Ret.)
    Chairman, Board of Directors
    AIIM International