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  • Hi Everybody   I'm hoping someone can help me.  I need to find a solution for digitising microfiche, preferably an organisation we can engage through on a panel.  Does anyone have any experience or contacts in this area? Thank you  NanaAma ------------------------------ ...

  • Please note that you can access the recording from today's presentation, 3 New Technologies Every Information Professional Should Know About, by simply inputting your registration information after clicking on this link: ...

  • Yesterday's presentation to AIIM Asia Pacific was outstanding, credit to our speaker Jay Zaidi and the team at AIIM Australasia who coordinated the event which had 106 registrations across Asia Pacific. Please note that this link below will lead you ...

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    Hi All, I am wondering if there are templates or guides available to help with developing user personas or end user personification? Many thanks in advance. ------------------------------ James Stoffell ------------------------------

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  • Data Trends & Opportunities in the Age of Data AIIM Chapter Webinar-- Nov. 6, 2017 by Jay Zaidi Managing ...

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  • The movement to the cloud is past the tipping point. Cloud solutions are no longer a question of “should we?” but rather “when?” Organizations may not be ready to go 100% to the cloud, but for nearly 80% of organizations, cloud is a critical part of their strategy. Consider this data from a Fall 2017 AIIM survey of 182 end user organizations:
  • It’s bad enough that those of us in the technology space use three letter acronyms as if we’re being paid per usage. So here's a quick definition of terms for those mystified by the title of this post. If you are not conversant in Dr. Doolittle (even the Eddie Murphy version), Pushmi-Pullyu