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  • I've been seeing a lot of great discussion on AIIM's open forum lately -- What survey questions to ask when trying to build an insightful taxonomy? What work are people doing that is driving customer or employee delight? What does the Modern Records ...

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  • The movement to the cloud is past the tipping point. Cloud solutions are no longer a question of “should we?” but rather “when?” Organizations may not be ready to go 100% to the cloud, but for nearly 80% of organizations, cloud is a critical part of their strategy. Consider this data from a Fall 2017 AIIM survey of 182 end user organizations:
  • It’s bad enough that those of us in the technology space use three letter acronyms as if we’re being paid per usage. So here's a quick definition of terms for those mystified by the title of this post. If you are not conversant in Dr. Doolittle (even the Eddie Murphy version), Pushmi-Pullyu