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  • Hi All, May I know few suggestions from the Data Governance experts regarding the problems being faced in Industry regarding the CRM data Management. Thanks in advance. ------------------------------ Soumya Nagireddy iBuild Innovations India Limited ...

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  • One of the most vexing problems for organizations is mitigating GDPR compliance risks when dealing with third parties, particularly the nature and extent of obligations between data controllers and processors. By virtue of the GDPR accountability principle , organizations are required to adhere to the six fundamental principles of safeguarding privacy rights that impact...
  • In today's world, where the consumer is king, excellent customer experience is imperative for the success of your business. To achieve this, your data cannot be fragmented, redundant, obsolete, or inaccessible. Most organizations are currently dealing with more information than they can handle. This can be expensive as resources on storing, protecting, and securing information are costly. It’s...
  • Seven (yes, seven!) years ago, AIIM published “The Big Data Balancing Act - Too much yin and not enough yang?” The author of the report was none other than Nuxeo’s David Jones, who worked as a business analyst for AIIM at the time.