• April 20 AIIM Breakfast Seminar - Managing Information in a Cloud World

    This month, our speaker is Lynn Elwood, Vice President Cloud & Services Solutions at OpenText.

    She will talk about issues and risks of managing information in the cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios most organizations are dealing with today and in the near future.

    The presentation will examine different cloud options and systems and how these affect the choices information and records managers must make to protect critical information assets. Using examples from a variety of industries we will look at concrete benefits achieved by organizations. We will also review cloud specific requirements, standards and cautions to be aware of. We will discuss the use of “consumer” focused applications to manage corporate information and the issues this raises, and leave with guidance on questions to ask as organizations consider cloud for their systems of record and information management.

    Join us at The National Club at 303 Bay Street
    Toronto, ON.

    To register, follow the link -